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ClearTrace is Bringing Accountability to Energy Usage. Time for a Cap and Trade Exchange Platform?

In early May 2021, Patent Forecast® highlighted a mysterious Canadian company patenting methods to tokenize royalties on mineral and gas rights. Shortly thereafter, an application was published for ClearTrace, disclosing complementary technology. ClearTrace is developing a reliable method of carbon accounting, which is meant to increase clarity and transparency of carbon reduction practices by digitizing the entire supply chain from the well or…

AI is the Future for Surgery. Stryker Knows It.

It has been five years since Wright and Tornier merged and adopted the Wright Medical Group name. Stryker then acquired Wright Medical Group in 2020. The acquisition is an IP boon to Stryker, as Wright Medical had 16 patent assets publish in 2021, with a majority of them being filed in 2020. Wright’s patent growth may be the result of its 2017 acquisition of IMASCAP SAS, whose founder, Jean Chaoui has completed multiple projects in areas of…


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Think cryptocurrency is a fad? Bank of America disagrees with you.

When large multi-billion dollars companies start investing, it’s officially a trend. According to recent patent filings, large banks keep developing blockchain-based systems. This trend has been quietly gaining momentum since 2013, as our…