Patent Forecast®

Every Patent Forecast includes an interactive Patent Radian, so operating companies get the vision they can see earlier where they need to pivot and get there first.

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Techniques for navigating a Patent Forecast


Like the radial growth of a tree trunk, the most recent activity in the Patent Forecast® is always visible on the outer edge. The oldest documents are contained in the center.


The category structure provides for a primary and a secondary classification of each intellectual property area. These categories are represented in an arc across the top of of the visualization. When categories are zoomed into, the second level of classification, tagging, appears in the arc.


The visualization enables you to filter the visible data by zooming into specific time ranges, specific categories, and highlighting certain corporations.


Each dot on the visualization represents a single document. The solid dots are issued patents, while the hollow dots are pending, but published applications under review by the USPTO examiners. Hover with you mouse or touch a document dot to reveal the document number, owner, and title. Click to view the intellectual property document in detail.


The ownership of the intellectual property within a Patent Forecast is revealing and a clear indicator of investment and potential success. Corporations can be highlighted off and on and compared.

A Patent Forecast Quickstart Tutorial

Video Webinar: How Entrepreneurs can use a Patent Forecast