Select – Revolutionizing Body Composition But Missing Patents

Select Research is recognized as one of the world’s leading companies for 3D measuring of the human body. Most recently, the company has been using its 3D scanning capabilities to measure obesity and predict associated risks. The company’s…

First Patents for PathAI

Boston-based PathAI is seeking to combine artificial intelligence and pathology. The company's platform helps pathologists to make quick and accurate diagnosis with automated analysis of tissue and fluid samples. In November 2019, PathAI…

Heavy Filing for Zoe

Zoe Global is a research based nutritional science company. The company's first four applications were recently published. Zoe global recognizes that every person's body digests food differently, and is looking to increase awareness and…

Curai wants to bring your doctor online

Curai is a Palo Alto based healthcare startup founded in 2017. The company made news when, in January 2018, former Chief Product Officer of Netflix Neil Hunt took over as CEO. Just a few months after that, Curai announced a $10.7 million…

GM bringing motion sickness management into cars

General Motors is well known for their prowess in the automotive industry, and much of their success is due to an extensive patent portfolio. All told, the company has over 13,000 issued patents - but of course many of those relate to…

GE selling biopharma business for $21.4 billion

General Electric agreed to sell its biopharma business to Danaher, headquartered in Washington D.C., for $21.4 billion.

Incyphae is determining general health and health of specific body functions.

Incyphae, located in Scottsdale AZ, is integrating sensor data to determine general health and health of specific body functions and deliver therapy to enhance performance. 

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