Blood oxygen headed to Apple’s wearables

Apple is planning on introducing blood oxygen tracking to its wearable ecosystem, according to 9to5Mac, who discovered this in snippets of iOS 14 code. Currently, it is unknown whether this is a feature that will be introduced with iOS 14…

Alphabet takes Wing to Virigina, partners with FedEx and Walgreens

Alphabet-owned UAV delivery service Wing announced Thursday that it is beginning its first operations in the US. The company will be completing home delivery requests in Christiansburg, Virginia, for both FedEx and Walgreens. Users will be…

Samsung turns up the heat in consumer sleep IP

In the past few years, Samsung has been increasingly active in the Environmental Control sector of Consumer Sleep Technology. Samsung received its first patent in Environmental Control in May of 2019 for sleep-based temperature adjustment,…

Eaton believes eMobility could be a $4 billion business

Eaton created its eMobility division at the beginning of 2018, and the company believes that the technology could be a $4 billion business. The company intends its eMobility division to have a focus on trucks. This new division and recent…

Transportation Logistics Management Overview

Scope of Analysis: The sector limits its examination of the shipping process between the time when a shipper begins to choose a carrier to when the freight gets to its destination city. The focus of our analysis was at the level of asset…

General Motors’ early start in the LIDAR patent sector

General Motors has been a leading force in LIDAR technology since at least the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge, where the company was one of the sponsors for the Challenge's heavy favorite to win, Carnegie Mellon's "Red Team." Due to technical…

Philips’ patent portfolio props up its product line

Philips announced at CES 2019 a renewed focus on its sleep technology product lines. The company's consumer technology strategy follows a heavy investment into sleep technology intellectual property. While Fitbit may lead the consumer…

Weekly Patent Feed

10213334 Apparatus and method for modulating sleep 2019-02-26 EBB THERAPEUTICS, INC. 10216894 Multimode sensor devices 2019-02-26 FITBIT, INC. 10216905 Health state trends for a consistent patient situation 2019-02-26 Google, Inc.……

MIT Researchers use AI to monitor sleep.

Electrical engineers at MIT are attempting to remove uncomfortable physical sensors from sleep monitoring and instead incorporate artificial intelligence into radio frequency technology to wirelessly monitor sleep health.

Sleep Number is monitoring sleep with a fluid-filled bladder.

Sleep Number is using a fluid-filled bladder to monitor heartbeat and respiration of a sleeping subject.

Shenzhen Medica Technology Development is monitoring and evaluating sleep.

Shenzhen Medica is scoring user's sleep and presenting a sleep evaluation via a mobile device.

EBB Therapeutics is controlling the temperature of a user’s forehead while asleep.

EBB Theraputics, developers of the ComfortBand cooling sleep mask, are extending sleep stages and total sleep duration by temperature control of a person's forehead.

Google is developing non-invasive vital monitoring.

Google is working on developing non-invasive, passive means of monitoring vitals, including tracking cardiac activity while a person is asleep.

Outside Magazine puts sleep tech to the test.

Joe Jackson from Outside Magazine put several sleep tech products to the test to see how each of them affected his sleep.

BOE Technology Group is tracking sleep via a light-intensity monitor.

BOE Technology Group is tracking sleep via a light-intensity monitor.

Microsoft is developing a new UI for visualizing sleep data.

Microsoft is developing a new user interface (UI) for visualizing sleep data over time.

DP Technologies is monitoring the efficacy of sleep aids.

DP Technologies, an affiliate of Fullpower Technologies, is monitoring the efficacy of sleep aids and adjusting a sleep aid based on a statistical analysis of a user's sleep. The company has previously licensed its patents for wearable…

Modeling AI on human sleep leads to significant processing benefits.

Researchers in Italy have found that AI benefits from sleep too. The team discovered that modeling an AI's rest and memory clearing phases after human REM and deep sleep cycles lead to a much higher processing efficiency.

Bryte Labs announces an AI-driven bed.

Bryte Labs recently released its artificial intelligence-driven mattress, the BRYTE Bed, which is being developed in coordination with sleep scientist, Dr. Matt Walker.

Eight Sleep releases its thermoregulation mattress.

Eight Sleep announced February 13th, 2019, its new temperature controlled mattress, "The Pod," which dynamically warms or cools via a water-based hub and incorporates a thermal-based smart alarm.

Independent inventors continue to lead in new sleep technology.

This week, two inventors continue the trend of independent inventors leading in some areas of Consumer Sleep Technology development. Jason Carl Antonino of Phoenix, AZ was granted a patent directed to an aromatherapy pillow with sight,…

Fujitsu is developing new visualizations for sleep tracking.

Fujitsu is detecting sleep activity and displaying the sleep activity through colored heat maps.

Researchers discover humans can learn while asleep.

Researchers at the University of Bern in Switzerland have discovered that humans have some capacity for learning during sleep. Their research found that word associations delivered via headphones while subjects were sleeping resulted in a…

Bose is targeting respiration control to encourage users to sleep.

Bose is targeting respiration control via rhythmic visual, audible, and haptic feedback to encourage users to sleep and detecting when sleep has been achieved.

Independent inventors make up large percentage of Consumer Sleep Technology.

 Independent inventors make up a large percentage of the Consumer Sleep Technology sector, which is often the mark of an emerging technology field. For instance, independent inventor Cherie Hanson, is developing a sleep mask that…

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