Sleep Number Launches Climate360™ Smart Bed

On October 4th, 2022, Sleep Number Corporation launched their newest sleep device, the Climate360™ smart bed. First unveiled in January of 2020 at the Consumer Electronics Show, the Climate360™ smart bed features individual climate zones on both sides of the mattress with personalized microclimate technology that adjusts to the ideal temperature of the user. Using both preprogrammed routines and responsive, temperature sensing technology, the bed controls the temperature of the area around each user to create a comfortable sleep environment. The new microclimate technology has been combined with the existing Sleep Number adjustable base, SleepIQⓇ reports, and Responsive AirⓇ technology to create a smart bed that measures restfulness, respiratory rate, and heart rate variability (HRV) while allowing users to adjust the height and firmness of the mattress.

Sleep Number has secured nineteen patents in the Consumer Sleep sector over the last five years, including US Patent 11,399,636, which describes the monitoring ability of the sensors of the new bed, as well as US Patent 11,083,308 for temperature control and US Patent 10,827,846 relating to warming the foot of the bed separately from the main body region. Despite these grants, the newest smart bed still lacks the ability to detect specific sleep stages. In a rapidly growing sleep analysis market, Sleep Number cannot afford to be blocked from sleep stage predicting technology. The quick solution is the acquisition of the small sleep health company Awarables, which has already secured two patents (US Patent 10,321,871 and US Patent 10,582,890) relating to analyzing brain waves to predict sleep stages.