Amazon Announces Contactless Sleep Tracker

On September 28th, 2022, Amazon unveiled a contactless sleep tracker that utilizes smart technology to analyze a user’s sleep patterns. The Halo Rise device is capable of tracking a user’s movement and breathing in order to assess the quality of their sleep. The analysis of these respiratory patterns is done by an algorithm that has been verified against traditional polysomnography diagnostic methods. The motion detection capability of the Halo Rise is achieved through radar sensors which detect movement within a 3-dimensional space. The Halo Rise device is also capable of sensing ambient temperature, humidity, and light.

Amazon has several patents relating to their temperature sensors (e.g., US Patent No. 9,500,535), user sleep monitors (e.g., US Patent No. 9,094,539 and US Patent No. 9,665,169) and motion detection capabilities (e.g., US Patent No. 10,930,126). Additionally, Amazon is one of the most visible competitors in the algorithmic analysis space, with over 8,00 patent assets (e.g., US Patent No. 11,121,859) covering a range of different analytical methods. Amazon is ahead of their competitors in contactless sleep tracking capabilities, given their coverage of numerous environmental sensors (e.g., US Patent No. 11, 067,718). To keep their edge, the next step for Amazon is to patent a contactless sleep tracker which pairs with a user’s device to deliver a comparison between ambient room conditions, a user’s sleep patterns, and other environmental factors.