Sleep Number Kicks Off Football Season with Renewed Superbowl Champion Partnership

On September 6th, 2022, Sleep Number announced the renewal of a 3-year partnership with the LA Rams. The two partnered for the 2021-2022 football season, and the team credited their Superbowl Win to the holistic approach the team takes in training, including the use of the Sleep Number 360® smart bed for restorative rest. The bed features snore detection, movement tracking, and mobile device connection in order to deliver a report on the effectiveness of a user’s sleep. Sleep Number has eight pending applications relating to this artificially intelligent bed, with only one issued patent (U.S. Pat. No. 11,399,636).

The LA Rams aren’t the only team incorporating the 360 smart bed into their training regimen. The Dallas Cowboys have been partnering with Sleep Number since 2017, and on September 1st, 2022, Sleep Number and the Dallas Cowboys renewed a partnership for the next five-years. In addition, Sleep Number has long-standing partnerships with the Minnesota Vikings and Kansas City Chiefs.

With considerable publicity provided to Sleep Number by the beginning of the professional football season, Sleep Number has also renewed their long-term partnership with Synchrony Financial to offer flexible credit options for consumers and fund further research. Currently, Sleep Number does not have a large presence in the Data Processing and Analytics sector of Consumer Sleep Technology. As they develop their AI technology and user sleep reports, expect to see the company’s patent coverage expand into this area.