Tempur Sealy Partners With Bryte, Inc. For Restorative Sleep Revolution

Bryte, Inc., a restorative sleep company out of California, has announced a $20 million round of funding led by Tempur Sealy International. Bryte, Inc. markets technology for restorative sleep, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into comfortable and supportive cushioning. The resulting products, like The Restorative Bed™, monitor sleep stages, sleep duration, and sleep efficiency and adjust in real-time. In the last eight years, Bryte, Inc. has secured two patents for their adaptive technology (US Pat. No. 11,351,335 and US Pat. No. 11,369,207) with four pending applications (US Pub. Nos. 2022/0072268, 2022/0133054, 2021/0169233, and 2019/0335913). This recent round of funding is accompanied by a statement of intended partnership between Tempur Sealy International and Bryte, Inc.

Tempur Sealy, a powerhouse corporation in the sleep technology industry, uses AI in their Sleeptracker™ analytics engine. The Sleeptracker™ Technology Platform was developed in a partnership between Tempur Sealy and Fullpower Technologies in 2019. With this new technology partnership, Tempur Sealy undoubtedly plans to use the “learning methods to optimize sleep quality” that Bryte Inc. has patented to develop new methods of sleep cycle tracking and real-time correction for the Sleeptracker™ Technology Platform.