Tencent Announces New Edge Computing Platform

Tencent Cloud, a subsidiary of the multinational conglomerate company Tencent, has just launched its new edge computing platform EdgeOne. Tencent Cloud describes EdgeOne as a “an upgraded one-stop platform that integrates Tencent’s experience in network performance and security with high efficiency and stability for global enterprises” Tencent has four (4) patent assets in the Edge Computing Paten Forecast® sector, all of which were filed within the past two years. Three of the four patent assets are directed towards an edge computing platform.

As Tencent Cloud further develops its edge computing platform the next logical step is for Tencent Cloud to partner with a telecommunications company. The most common partnership that takes place in the edge computing sector is partnerships between cloud computing companies and telecommunications companies. A strong 5G network is necessary to elevate edge computing services and for this reason Patent Forecast® predicts that Tencent cloud will join forces with Ericsson to further expand the EdgeOne platform. Ericsson has forty-seven (47) patent assets in the edge computing sector making it a likely partner for Tencent Cloud.