Google Gets Physical

Google plans on entering the exercise and fitness space by incorporating fitness trackers into its Android TVs and soon to be released smart watches. With only five (5) patent assets in the Patent Forecast® Sports Analytics sector, Google is not really an active player in the sector. Google is also not very active in the consumer wearable market having yet to release any smart watches. Google is motivated by the high consumer demand for at home exercise products. The move by google is surprising considering Tonal, an at home fitness equipment maker, has cut thirty-five (35) percent of its work force. Google will likely not develop its own fitness equipment as that is too much of a risk considering companies such as Tonal and Peloton continue to struggle.

Google will likely incorporate data from third party fitness equipment with the fitness sensors in its Android TV to provide fitness analytics to its users in real time. Patent Forecast® predicts that a deal between Google and Tonal will take place to bolster support for Google’s Android TVs. Tonal currently has two (2) patent assets in the Patent Forecast® Sports Analytics sector, but a partnership with Google can spark the research necessary to increase patent activity.