Nokia Integrates Microsoft Azure into Its Edge Computing Platform

Nokia is collaborating with Microsoft to provide better edge computing services to its clients. Nokia is an active player in the edge computing Patent Forecast® sector with forty-three (43) patent assets with the majority of which are in the communications category. Just as active is Microsoft with fifty-three (53) patent assets diversified amongst the three categories in the sector. Nokia has announced that it will integrate its MX Industrial Edge platform with Microsoft’s Azure Arc to ultimately provide an improved edge solution for operation technology (OT) across multiple industries.

Nokia and Microsoft’s collaboration is not unique, it is normal for a wireless company like Nokia to partner up with a cloud computing company like Microsoft. Such collaboration will likely instigate a collaboration between two companies similar to Nokia and Microsoft. Patent Forecast® predicts that that Red Hat and Ericsson will collaborate to provide faster and more reliable edge solutions to their clients. Red Hat currently has forty-nine (49) patent assets and Ericsson has forty-five (45) patent assets in the edge computing sector. Ericsson is one of the biggest communication companies in the Patent Forecast® edge computing sector and IBM’s Red Hat has been especially busy in the edge computing sector recently. To stay competitive against Nokia it makes sense for Ericsson to seek a partner like Red Hat to improve its edge solution services.