Tracking the 3ICE League with Helios Hockey

With the increasing adoption of sports analytics, established corporations and start-ups, alike, are in hot pursuit of partnerships with professional leagues. Currently, the NHL employs SportsMEDIA Technology’s HITS (Hockey Information and Tracking System) to enhance data distribution and broadcast interfaces.  3ICE, a spin-off tournament akin to the NBA’s BIG3, recently announced an anticipated partnership with Helios Hockey, Inc., a small-scale developer of performance tracking technologies.

Given adequate funding, “Helios Hockey is poised to place RFID chips in every 3ICE nook and cranny: inside the pucks, inside players’ chest gear and on their sticks.” The patented sensor technology provides performance data for metrics such as stride speed, slap-shot velocity, explosiveness, and hustle score. These metrics are monitored, in real-time, and calculated by the Helios Core™ devices which use Helios’ Stride Recognition Technology™. Coaches, players, and networks may use the analysis provided to assist in targeted training, gameplay review, broadcasting, and other avenues for improvement.

Along with several design patents, Helios holds a patent (U.S. Patent No. 10,874,902) for its intelligent sports system with sensors embedded in the equipment articles. Additionally, Helios filed a continuation (U.S. Publication No. 2021/0146193) of the aforementioned ‘902 patent with additional tracking limitations. 3ICE plans to implement the Helios technology as soon as next season