Breathe with Comfort and Company

Whether for warmth, comfort, or simply a creature of habit, sharing a bed with a significant other has been the orthodox sleeping arrangement for centuries. Whereas some are indifferent to the bedtime routine, others can’t sleep without it. The absence of a bedtime buddy can be the root of stressed, sleepless nights that lead to fatigued, unproductive days. To mitigate this effect and other external factors, Somnox developed the Somnox 2, an improved model of its flagship consumer sleep product. With a focus on the connection between breathing and sleep, the Somnox 2 offers a sleep companion that uses controlled breathing to reduce stress, lower heart rate, and calm the body and mind.

Somnox Sense, the patented Intelligent Smart Breathing technology, detects and mimics your breathing rate and rhythm, in real-time, and the rhythm gradually dwindles to a “tranquil, sleep-inducing pace.” Tracing back to an infant’s unconscious adoption of their parent’s breathing, a Somnox user can “physically feel the calm breathing rhythm and then (subconsciously) adopt it.” Customization and compatibility with other applications, such as its mobile app, ensures the Somnox 2 is a consumer sleep solution with flexibility for personalization. The bean-shaped robot’s Bluetooth audio feature will be available soon, allowing users to implement their own breathing exercises into the Somnox 2 via Spotify, YouTube, and other streaming platforms.

While other consumer sleep apps, like Calm and Breathwrk, require a user to meditate and adapt to external breathing exercises, Somnox creates an immersive sleep experience with tangible technologies that directly induce sleep stages. Although Somnox owns a mere two patents, their recent commercialization in a rather unoccupied sleep companion space suggests that number will soon increase.