Weighing Down Those Sleepless Nights

Among the bevy of products that advertise enhanced sleep quality, weighted blankets are coming back in force. There are numerous patent assets directed at controlling environmental stimuli, these include: mattress pressure, sound, light, temperature etc… Weighted blankets are a simpler approach compared to these other sleep technology devices. Since the pandemic, it has become all the more important for people to find easy solutions for a good night’s rest to help maintain immune system strength and decrease daily stress.

Consumers report that these cooling weighted blankets help with falling asleep faster, anxiety, stress, and overall comfort. Apex Market Research reports that the global market for this product type is expected to reach $380M by 2027. Currently, the number of patent assets directed towards weighted or therapeutic blankets is few and far between. As interest grows, this category may be one to look out for due to its potentially broad application across different age ranges, sleep-related conditions, and possibly chronic pain.