Scent Stimulation for Sweet Sleep

The essential oil market experienced a boost during the pandemic and demand is increasing. In 2020 alone, growth exceeded 10% compared to previous years. Consumers use these concentrated oils for various purposes including aromatherapy and beauty regimes. Companies in the US and abroad followed suit but used them mainly in the food industry as a method of natural preservation.

Aromatherapy is well-known for its stress-reducing and relaxing qualities. It comes as no surprise that interest in understanding how it impacts sleep and how to pair it with consumer sleep technology is on the rise. Companies like Philips Electronics recently acquired patent assets involving the impact of different types of stimulation on sleep quality including odor. Other industry leaders are incorporating scent release or management features into their patent portfolios as well. Several research studies also recently published on the positive effects of aromatherapy with a range of applications such as increasing sleep quality and reducing anxiety of medical personnel during surgical operations, as well as helping with adult fatigue. As these two technologies easily incorporate into each other, it seems the main limitation on growth for this sector will be the availability of natural resources.

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