Motional AD LLC’s Patents are Driving the Autonomous Vehicle Sector Forward

Is Motional leading the way in autonomous driving? Motional’s patents seem to say so. Motional is a product of a joint venture between Hyundai Motor Group and Aptiv. Recently, Motional has partnered with both Uber Eats and Lyft to provide autonomous services.

Within the last three years, Motional has acquired 5 patent assets in the Software section of the Automobile Vision: LIDAR sector. Motional’s 5 patent assets in this space are second most, behind only General Motors. These patent assets have allowed Motional to control a significant portion of the Software aspect of autonomous driving, allowing them to make large partnerships with Uber Eats for autonomous food delivery and Lyft for autonomous taxiing. With the autonomous vehicle market being highly competitive with companies like Waymo (Alphabet) and Apple, Motional’s command in the Software space could vault them to the front of the autonomous vehicle market. While Motional will likely gain the top spot in autonomous vehicles by the end of the year, there may be room for licensing with other vehicle brands. 

Ford has focused primarily in hardware development in the last three years, so they may require licensing from Motional for their software if they want to stay current in autonomous driving. 

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