Itron and Microsoft Take on Smart Grids

Itron is at the top of the Edge Computing Patent Forecast® sector for patent assets relating to smart cities and it seems like they are one of the few in this sector that only specialize in edge computing applications for smart cities. Itron currently has forty-seven (47) patent applications in this sector, putting Itorn in 11th place for most patent assets in this sector, which might be the reason that they have no immediate competition in this space. Itron’s strong patent portfolio also played a big part in making its partnership with Microsoft possible, and Itron’s continuing patent activity is the reason it has further expanded its partnership with Microsoft. Microsoft has a total of forty-nine (49) patent assets in the Edge Computing Patent Forecast® but none relating to platforms for smart cities or grids, but with its patent portfolio and strong edge cloud computing network it made sense for it to partner up with Itron and take a hold of the smart city industry that has yet to be established.


In the expanded partnership between Itron and Microsoft, the duo will work towards developing solutions for utility companies with an emphasis on carbon tracking. These solutions include smart meters and real time transformer load monitoring. Considering both these two companies with strong patent portfolios are going full steam on solving the issues behind integrating edge computing in smart cities, it’s hard to imagine any competitors posing a threat any time soon but that doesn’t mean it cannot happen. Patent Forecast® predicts IBM and Nokia will enter a partnership to try to get involved in the edge computing/smart city industry. Both IBM and Nokia have patents relating to edge computing platforms for metering and although their partnership would not be a direct threat to Itron and Microsoft, the predicted partnership will tackle the other issues revolving around smart cities that Itron and Microsoft are not focussed on..