Elevated Platform Technology: Why Licensing Potential is Rising for Oshkosh and Altec Industries

Two highly active companies in the Utility Truck Elements sector may consider a licensing agreement for Platform technology. Platform technology involves specific elements of raised platforms that are common in boom lifts and scissor lifts.

Altec Industries dominates the Platform technology market. Over the last 3 years, Oshkosh has the most patent assets in the Utility Truck sector, with 88 patent assets. But only 3 of Oshkosh’s patent assets are specific to Platform technologies. On the other hand, Altec Industries holds 45 patent assets in the Truck Utility Sector and 24 of those are in Platform technology. The large disparity between patent assets in Platform technology gives Altec Industries more control over the Platform space.

For Oshkosh to be on the cutting edge of Platform technology, licensing may be required. Oshkosh, through its affiliate JLG, focuses on mobile elevating work platforms. Oshkosh is expanding their patent assets weekly and is highly active across all sections of the Utility Truck Element sector. But in order to achieve the full range of technology available, Oshkosh may enter into an agreement with Altec Industries to improve their already expansive reach in this sector.

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