Binaural Beats for Peace

An interesting illusion happens when we hear two pure tones that are close together: binaural beats – beats at a third tone at the frequency which is the difference between the two pure tones.  Binaural beats are useful because they can cause brainwave entrainment – the natural synchronization of brainwaves to the rhythm of periodic external stimuli, such as flickering lights, speech, music, or tactile stimuli. This entrainment relaxes our minds and appears to improve our memory. 

Spotify has been exploring binaural beats with music as a means of enhancing rest. Their third application was filed in August 2021. Other companies and individuals have filed one or two applications, but none seem to want to develop a larger portfolio. Is there no room to invent? A recent application by Margot White Music Limited seems to contradict that, offering “…a single dedicated apparatus arranged to provide a binaural signal…”.   Maybe, with the IPod gone, there is room for a dedicated sound device in the bedroom.

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