Sportradar Clinches Big Wins

Sportradar is in the business of sports data analytics, which puts them amongst some big competitors, but that hasn’t stopped them from getting a strong portfolio of clients. On May 19, it was announced that Sportradar was selected as the official analytics provider and integrity partner of 3ICE, North America’s premier three-on-three professional ice hockey league. Another win was on May 13, when the Australian Ice Hockey League had announced selecting Sportradar to provide technological solutions for its league which gives Sportradar a geographically diverse patent portfolio. This is all big news for Sportradar considering the company only has two (2) patent assets in the Sport Analytics Patent Forecast® sector.

Much of Sportradar’s success is not driven by its patent portfolio but rather by the numerous services they are able to provide. Sportradar’s strongest patent asset is US2018/0137364, which is directed to methods, systems, and software programs for enhanced sports analytics and applications, and more specifically to use a camera to track an object or a person involved in a sporting event. As mentioned, data analytics is a hot topic in the sports analytics sector and Sportradar’s lack of a patent portfolio might be its downfall if another company begins to offer better data analytics services. Patent Forecast® predicts that in order to maintain a strong client portfolio, Sportradar will ramp up its patent portfolio to try to get a leg up on its competitors.