Consumer Sleep Solutions Makes A Notable Entrance

Consumer Sleep Solutions LLC is a new face in the Patent Forecast® Consumer Sleep Technology sector with four (4) patent assets published within the last month. Consumer Sleep Solutions is based out of Carlsbad California and is doing business as SleepScore Labs, it specializes in measuring, monitoring, and tracking a user’s sleep. SleepScore Labs was mentioned in a previous insight for endorsing other companies’ technologies but not patenting any technology of its own, now that has changed. SleepScore Labs now has four patent assets of its own directed towards systems and methods for improving a person’s quality and length of sleep through feedback and suggestions. Because all the independent claims in the patent assets assigned to Consumer Sleep Solutions are method claims it is safe to say SleepScore Labs is not producing its own hardware but rather a way of interfacing with sensors and measuring devices created by its partners and companies it endorses.

Based on the patent data found in the consumer sleep technology sector, Patent Forecast® predicts that SleepScore Labs will create a new partnership with Oura to provide greater feedback to a user’s sleep. Oura has seventeen (17) patent assets in the Consumer Sleep Technology Patent Forecast® sector and already collects a lot of sleep related data from its users’ wearable Oura ring making it a suitable partner for SleepScore Labs.