Google And ASUS Setout To Expand Google’s Coral Edge AI Platform

Another week another new partnership in the Patent Forecast® Edge Computing Sector and this time its Google choosing ASUS IoT as its official partner to help expand its Coral Edge AI platform. ASUS IoT, a sub brand of ASUS, has a strong history in providing Internet of Things (IoT) services and has proven itself worthy of being responsible for scaling, sales, support, and distribution of the Coral Edge AI platform. Asus may not have any patent assets in the Patent Forecast® Edge Computing Sector, but it does have experience in creating edge computing environments, most notable is ASUS IoT’s experience in becoming the first partner to launch a Coral System-on-Module (SoM) product. ASUS IoT has already integrated Coral accelerators into its intelligent edge computers making it a qualified partner for Google in the effort of expanding the Coral Edge AI platform.


This partnership is especially important for Google as it will allow its developers to build the next generation of its edge computing platform without having to worry about supporting the current generation. As mentioned in the last Patent Forecast® Edge Computing insight Google has recently acquired MobiledgeX, which is really big considering Google only has four (4) patent assets in the edge computing sector. Considering Google’s recent acquisition of MobiledgeX and new partnership with ASUS IoT, Patent Forecast® suggests that there will be a noticeable increase in Google’s patent activity in the edge computing sector. As Google continues to fight for dominance in the edge computing space it will have to increase it patent activity to gain the protection necessary to overtake Red Hat’s position.