Bryte Rolls Out Smart Mattresses In Four Seasons Resorts

After having a recent patent application published in March 2022, Bryte, Inc has announced that it will be rolling out its new generation of smart mattresses to its partner the Four Seasons. As mentioned in a previous insight, Bryte is trying to take its patent portfolio to the next level while also entering the packed smart mattress market space. Currently Bryte has nine (9) patent assets in the Patent Forecast® Consumer Sleep sector, with most of its patent assets directed towards temperature and pressure control to improve a user’s quality of sleep. Bryte’s most recent patent asset is directed to a smart mattress that can adjust the sleep environment based on the identity of the sleepers in the bed, which puts them in an extremely competitive space where companies like Sleepme and Eight Sleep have already established strong positions. Much of Bryte’s recent success can be attributed to the fact that it has targeted the luxury goods market and not the average consumer market, but luxury goods is a limited market and if it wants to enter the average consumer market it will have to overcome its competitors’ patent protection and position in the market. Patent Forecast® predicts that Bryte will begin ramping up its patent activity in this sector in an effort to get a strong position in the smart mattress market. If Bryte is unable to gain patent protection on its technology, then Patent Forecast® suggests that the company will try to enter a partnership with Sleep Number in order to get its foot in both markets.