AT&T And Quintar Bring Augmented Reality To Live Sporting Events

In an effort to increase engagement with fans attending live sporting events around the world, there has been a concentrated effort on providing an augmented reality experience to spectators, this was the driving force behind AT&T and Quintar’s partnership. AT&T already has its 5G network installed in over forty (40) major league stadiums in the United States meaning the infrastructure is already there for augmented reality, all AT&T needs is a well experienced augmented reality partner. AT&T currently holds seven (7) patent assets in the Patent Forecast® Sports Analytics sector with three (3) of those patent assets directed towards generating live augmented reality content in a sports environment, so AT&T has been eyeing this technology for some time now but needs a partner to help roll it out.


Quintar does not hold any patent assets in the Patent Forecast® Sports Analytics sector but it specializes in augmented reality for sports application which is what makes Quintar a great partner for AT&T in this endeavor. Quintar’s development in augmented reality for live sporting events has earned it the position of official Mobile Augmented Reality Developer of the PGA TOUR, giving it the credibility and recognition to create partnerships with big players in the sports analytics sector like AT&T. AT&T’s direct competitor Verizon has five (5) patent assets in this sector and has installed its 5G network in over sixty (60) major league stadiums, it would be logical that Verizon would want to implement a similar live augmented reality platform for spectators and Patent Forecast® predicts that a similar partnership will take place between Verizon and Meta. Because Meta owns Oculus and has a lot of patent assets directed towards virtual and augmented reality, it makes the most sense that Verizon will try to strike a partnership with Meta as soon as possible to provide an augmented reality experience to spectators.