Veo Starts Getting Serious

As mentioned in a previous Patent Forecast® Sports Analytics insight, Pixellot is dominating the sports analytics sector when it comes to artificial intelligence video broadcasting and capture cameras, but also noted in that insight was its competitor Veo. Veo has two (2) patent assets in the Patent Forecast® Sports Analytics sector, which is especially not impressive considering its competitor Pixellot has nine (9) patent assets in the sector. It is worth stating that Veo’s lack of patent activity has not prevented it from gaining valuable clients, its most recently announced client is the KDP Cup, a youth soccer tournament created by star Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne. This is important for Veo because as mentioned in that previous insight, Veo’s ideal market is the lower level sports leagues since Pixellot has a strong hold on most of the higher level professional sports leagues.

Also, worth noting is since that previous insight, Veo has added a patent asset to its portfolio in the Patent Forecast® Sports Analytics sector that is directed towards artificial intelligence image and pattern recognition. As a startup, Veo has put itself in a good position having earned some notable clients and established itself as a big player in the artificial intelligence video capturing and broadcasting space. The best way for Veo to improve going forward is to ramp up its patent activity, a stronger patent portfolio will be a key factor in helping Veo maintain its position in the market and continue to grow. Patent Forecast® predicts that Veo will enter a partnership with Adidas to be the designated video broadcast and capture device for all of Adidas youth player development programs.