InteraXon Is Controlling The Brain Game

InteraXon is the maker of the Muse, an electroencephalography (EEG) based headband which offers real-time feedback about your mind, hearing, and breathing. InteraXon’s most recent flagship device is the Muse S, a headband that is capable of sensing brain signals, tracking sleep, and providing guided meditations to help the user fall asleep and stay asleep. It is evident from InteraXon’s recent patent activity that it understands the importance of a strong patent portfolio and its high patent activity has helped the company be the top player in the sleep enhancing head wearable space.

InteraXon’s high patent activity and continuation practice is still prevalent today with their most recent patent asset having a filing date of January 7, 2022. InteraXon’s most recent patent asset is directed towards displaying content to a user based on the signals outputted by the user’s brain. InteraXon has twenty-six (26) patent assets in the Patent Forecast® Consumer Sleep sector, and its patent portfolio is another reminder of the significance of having strong patent protection. InteraXon has no direct competitors thanks to its strong patent portfolio but there are a couple of companies that are in the sleep enhancing head wearables market such as HoomBand and SleepBand, neither of which have patent assets in the sector. Patent Forecast® predicts that InteraXon will acquire one of these companies to build their brand recognition and further assert itself in this space.