Oura Picks Up Patent Activity In Response To Fitbit

Oura is no stranger to the Consumer Sleep Patent Forecast® having a total of seventeen (17) patent assets relating to ring sensors and metrics for sleep and fitness tracking, with its most recent patent asset having been published on April 14, 2022. The last Patent Forecast® insight that covered Oura’s patent activity was published on June 17, 2021, and at that time Oura was holding thirteen (13) patent assets in the Consumer Sleep Patent Forecast®, since then Oura has steadily been adding to its portfolio. As noted in that previous insight, Fitbit, owned by Google, filed a patent application for a ring that can measure biometric data, also worth noting is that patent application is still pending and that Fitbit has not had any more patent publications for smart ring trackers since then. Fitbit still has not released any information on whether they are releasing a sleep and fitness ring tracker to the market but based on Oura’s recent patent activity it has taken notice of Fitbit’s attempt at entering the smart ring market. Patent Forecast® predicts that Fitbit will try to enter the smart ring market, but Fitbit will have to produce more patent activity prior to doing so. A strong patent portfolio has helped Oura hold its position at the top of the smart ring market but it too will have to ramp up its patent activity to maintain that position.