Sleep Better with Sleepme AI

These days, everyone and their mother is tracking their sleep statistics yearning to get the most out of their slumber. Recent research has made clear how much sleep affects health and mood and with the COVID-19 pandemic causing a decline in many people’s health and sleep, people are seeking solutions.

Sleepme is a North Carolina-based consumer sleep company dedicated to enhancing sleep through technology and artificial intelligence. In April 2022, a patent application was published for a system for reducing stress and promoting sleep through a device in communication with sensors that leverages machine learning to provide meaningful suggestions and exercises such as meditative breathing. The Sleepme system includes a mobile application hosting a chatbot for querying a user’s mood and providing tips to reduce stress and improve sleep. Life being as busy as it may be, having a smart device pick up on cues that you would otherwise have missed is revolutionary for our time.

We are beyond just finding the right mattress and comfortable bedsheets at this point. Now we are becoming cognizant of body and environment temperatures, lighting, breathing patterns, sleep cycles, dreaming, etc. which all have an effect on the quality of sleep one gets. Sensors keeping track of someone’s stress and sleep cues will be able to pick up on patterns much sooner to provide suggestions to help reduce stress and boost sleep and ultimately overall health. Global Market Insights valued the sleep tech devices market at over $12.5 billion in 2020 and expects it to reach over $40.6 billion in 2027 achieving a 17.8% CAGR between that time. Consumer interest and desire to improve sleep will drive this market. It won’t just be doctors, athletes, and elderly that benefit from this as everyone could use better sleep and health for their line of profession.

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