Endel Is Prepared To Make Waves

In March 2022, Endel raised $15 million in Series B funding. Endel’s investors include Waverley Capital (investors in Headspace, Wondery, FuboTV), True Ventures (investors in Fitbit, Peloton, Ring), and Supermoon Capital (investors in EnsoData and SleepScoreLabs). In addition to being backed by major investors, Endel has had success since being founded in 2018. Endel has more than 1 million monthly active users and 1.5 million monthly listening hours and can be found on all major app platforms. There is obviously a demand for Endel’s services, so the remaining question is: how does Endel’s intellectual property compare to other competitors in the Consumer Sleep Patent Forecast®? 

Endel appears to have taken a strategic approach to its patent portfolio as it is maintaining an open application while seeking broader claims. Endel has two patents (US Patent Nos. 11,275,350 and 10,948,890) related to a system for creating a personalized user environment. The ‘890 patent is a continuation of the ‘350 patent and there is an unpublished continuation application that claims priority to the ‘350 patent. One weakness in the Endel portfolio is the lack of embodiments related to sleep. However, there are multiple embodiments relating to relaxation so Endel may have to rely on the “relaxing” embodiments as it continues to expand into the consumer sleep space.

Even though Endel has a great start to its patent portfolio, it has some serious competition in the Consumer Sleep Patent Forecast®. Some of Endel’s competitors include (1) Spotify (US Patent No. 11,113,023 & US. Patent Pub. No. 2022/0027123), (2) Google, (3) Bose, and (4) Resmed. Patent Forecast has previously highlighted the contactless sleep monitoring activity of Google, Bose, and Resmed. These patent assets include coverage for audio stimuli. Bose or Google may be interested in acquiring or partnering with Endel as both companies only have patent publications related to using auditory stimuli to affect the sleep of a user.

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