Aurora Cannabis to Acquire TerraFarma (Thrive Cannabis)

Aurora Cannabis is a large Canadian cannabis company that has only begun incorporating patent assets in its business since 2017 although it was founded in 2006. Compared to other industry giants like Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis’ patent portfolio just doesn’t match up. Now, Aurora Cannabis has announced it will be acquiring pharmaceutical cannabis company TerraFarma and its subsidiary Thrive Cannabis, neither of which have patent assets. 

Aurora has a lot of catching up to do if it wants to be able to land deals with trusted and established food beverage companies such as Coca-Cola as Canopy Growth has done with Constellation Brands. Constellation Brands even increased its stake in Canopy Growth to over 35% in 2020. The latest funding Aurora Cannabis received was from a share dilution which raised it $125 million.

So far, Aurora Cannabis has granted patents for cannabis plant cultivars and cannabis extraction systems. Canopy Growth covers these two categories in its patent portfolio along with many more as seen in the Patent Radian below.

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