Radient Technologies Innovations Rushes to Patent Cannabis Technologies

It’s not every week you see a new cannabis entrant looking to disrupt competition. The last time Patent Forecast spotted a disrupter was back in June 2021 when Nicoventures Trading Ltd. had 29 patent applications published at once. Nicoventures entered into a relatively niche space of oral cannabinoid pouches much like dipping tobacco which should set it up for success. Now, a veteran plant extractor and commercial manufacturer wants in on cannabis as well. But is it too late for them? 

Radient Technologies Innovations (RTI) is going after it all! Well, nearly. On March 10, 2022, RTI had 16 patent applications published in 9 categories of the Cannabis Patent Forecast® including ‘Processing’ and ‘Compliance Technology’. Oddly enough, only one application was directed towards cannabis extraction with the bulk of the documents focused on analysis. This is likely due to the amount of activity that is already in the extraction space which is dominated by Gene Pool Technologies, Inc., who is actively in litigation, and Natural Extraction Systems, LLC. In addition, RTI has interests in developing consumption devices such as vape devices and cultivation assistance tools for determining an ideal date of harvest and monitoring growth

RTI has been in business since 2001 developing state-of-the-art plant extraction technologies. In 2016, Aurora Cannabis Inc. began working with RTI, signing a Memorandum of Understanding to validate the effectiveness of MAP, RTI’s plant extraction technology. Afterwich, RTI and Aurora reached a Master Services Agreement to develop and commercialize cannabis extracts using the MAP technology, leading Aurora to invest $15 million into RTI and increase its ownership in RTI. 

RTI will be a company to lookout for in the future as it appears to have done patent research and strategically entered into specific areas in the cannabis industry with openings. Take a look at RTI’s patent portfolio using the Cannabis Patent Forecast® for a unique way of visualizing the cannabis patent landscape.