Small Pharma Is On A Patenting Streak

Last week, Patent Forecast highlighted London-based Small Pharma’s Phase I Trial Results for its DMT-assisted therapy for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) treatment. With Phase II Trials on the horizon, two more patent applications (U.S. Patent Publication 20220062237 & 20220062238) for injectable DMT compositions surfaced in early March 2022. 

The Phase I Trial used various doses of injectable DMT to test its efficacy toward treating MDD. Small Pharma received fast-track designation for its DMT therapy in the UK in October of 2021. Successful future trials in conjunction with patent protection could set Small Pharma up to be the next GW Pharmaceuticals – another British pharmaceutical company venturing into a new age of modern medicine. 

As of March 2022, Small Pharma doesn’t have any issued patents yet but all of its patent applications are still pending. Patent Forecast will be keeping a close eye on Small Pharma and its next moves. Sign up for the Classic Psychedelics Patent Forecast® today and stay in the loop!