Breathe and Relax: CBD Aerosolizer

Inventors from the Moreau Consultant group envision a new way of consuming cannabinoids – just breathing as usual. U.S. Patent Publication 20220062569 published in early March 2022 describes a device that aerosolizes nano-emulsified cannabinoids and releases them as airborne nano-particles for skin absorption and inhalation into the mucus membranes and lungs. 

Variations of the device are depicted in the figures of Pat. Pub. ‘569 and resemble humidifiers and aromatherapy apparatuses. The only cannabinoid claimed for aerosolization is CBD with many others discussed in the specification, so continuation applications are expected for this non-provisional parent application.

A device like this could appeal to many first-time cannabis users who aren’t fully committed to traditional consumption methods such as ingestion or smoking. An aerosolization device as such works similarly to inhalers and provides a healthier consumption route, especially in a passive manner as such. It will be interesting to see if this device reaches market production, and, as we know, patent investment leads market activity and is a sign that a new consumer product could be coming soon. 

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