Smart Vapes Could Be On The Horizon From Canopy Growth

In December 2018, Canopy Growth Corporation shook the world with its acquisition of the premier vaping company Storz & Bickel GmbH & Co. KG. Storz & Bickel has over 25 years of experience in the creation of exquisite vaporization devices including the famed Volcano vaporizer, aptly named for its shape and functionality. Since the acquisition, Canopy Growth has released under the Storz & Bickel brand a limited edition Volcano Hybrid Onyx, the Crafty+, and the Mighty+ vaporizers, each offering tailored experiences for their users. These newer vaporizer models are patent-protected by Canopy Growth and can be viewed using the Cannabis Patent Forecast®. Patent investment always leads market activity and now we could be getting a look at the future of vaporizers under Canopy Growth.

In a patent application published in January 2022, a glimpse at the future of Canopy Growth vaporizers can be found. Patent application ‘061 depicts a handheld cannabis oil vaporizer with an integrated “Smart Vape” mobile application. Features of the application include a locating feature for finding misplaced vaporizers, a locking feature to ensure safety around children, heat adjustments, use analysis, and real-time device adjustments based on historical data. In addition, the cartridge is able to adapt and keep constant pressure on the cannabis oil within it using a spring system. This is the future of vaping which will help advance the medical cannabis sector as well.

As of now, it appears that this vaping device will be included under Canopy Growth and add to its existing vaporizer products including Whisl. Continuation applications are expected as the original application included over 500 claims but was reduced to 19 claims. Explore the cannabis sector patent and market activity using the Cannabis Patent Forecast®. 

Left: Fig. 5 depicts a vape session of a user and their puff durations. Right: Fig. 9C depicts the cartridge schematic and configuration including the spring system for keeping constant pressure on the cannabis oil.