HoneyNaps The Next Contactless Sleep Solution?

In the middle of February 2022, Patent Forecast highlighted some major players in contactless sleep tracking – Google and Resmed. It looks like there may be another competitor entering the space in the near future. HoneyNaps, a South Korean startup, has an AI sleep disorder diagnostic tool. In late February 2022, a sleep study was published verifying the HoneyCube System’s accuracy of non-contact measurement and its AI algorithm. The HoneyCube system consists of two parts: a head side unit (body temperature and video module) and a bedside unit (heart and respiratory rate module). For the sleep study, the head side unit was installed 50 cm above the center of the head of the patient’s bed, and the bedside unit was installed 30 cm from the top left of the bed. The HoneyCube system measures heart rate, respiration rate, and body temperature using non-contact methods (heart and respiratory rate were measured by ballistocardiography) during sleep, and sleep architecture was secondarily calculated by an algorithm combining heart rate and respiration rate.

The technology may be cutting edge, but similar to Google, HoneyNaps is behind on its patent activity. HoneyNaps has some patent assets for its AI algorithm, however, it has zero published US patent assets for its HoneyCube system, whereas Google has four patent publications for its contactless sleep technology and Resmed has been receiving patents for its contactless sleep technology as early as 2013. If HoneyNaps is intending to expand into the US market, then it will need to expand its patent activity to cover more than its AI algorithm. Given the success of the HoneyCube, it would come as no surprise to see HoneyNaps target the US market.

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