Promising DMT Phase I Trial Results Released by Small Pharma

Psychedelic therapies are growing in interest across the world. In Texas, the government has begun studying the efficacy of psilocybin in treating PTSD in veterans. Now, neuroscience company, Small Pharma, Inc., has more insight into the effects of DMT (SPL026) in treating mood disorders. In February 2022, Small Pharma released promising results from its Phase I Trial for DMT-assisted therapy in Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), the world’s clinical trial for DMT. 

A correlation was found between the dosage and experience had by the participants in the study, helping researchers find proper dosing amounts. Most of the participants experienced euphoric effects for roughly 20 minutes before the effects subsided. After about an hour post-treatment, no DMT was found in the participants’ bodies. What isn’t clear is the adverse effects and how to control them. Of 32 people participating in the trial, 20 reported adverse events – 85% of which were considered mild and 15% of which were labeled moderate. All were resolved rapidly, according to the report.

Phase II Trials are said to be completed by the first half of 2022, testing one dose versus placebo, one dose versus two doses, and two doses in combination with psychotherapy. Small Pharma’s slim patent portfolio includes four patent applications for DMT compounds. While not as active in patent filings as GW Pharmaceuticals in the cannabis industry, if Small Pharma can manage government approval for treating MDD with its DMT compounds, it can reach the heights GW has achieved. This will rely on the upcoming trials which will be on our watch. 

Small Pharma faces competition from Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals, EaglePharma, as well as various research organizations and universities. Discover the patent landscape for psychedelics while it’s still in its infancy using the Classic Psychedelics Patent Forecast®.