Portable Cannabis Testing Market to Grow in Popularity with Increased Recreational Cultivation

Instant cannabis and hemp potency testing company GemmaCert, Ltd. received its second patent for its GemmaCert cannabis analysis products, GemmaCert Professional and GemmaCert Lite. The GemmaCert Professional and GemmaCert Lite are used to inspect the quality of cannabis and hemp through close-up images of the trichome network and spectrometric measurements for potency analysis of the cannabinoid make-up. GemmaCert is based in Israel and raised $3.5 million in 2019 in a Series B funding round with investments coming in from investors in Japan, Latin America, and Europe as well as the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where one of the founders is currently employed.

What’s special about the GemmaCert analysis tools is their compactness for portability and ease of use as it is intended for personal and commercial use, for example in growing operations and dispensaries. A proprietary application for visualizing the results can be downloaded on mobile phones to view the results. The first patent granted to GemmaCert focuses on the imaging aspect of the analysis tools for checking trichome quality up close in addition to spectrometric measurements for cannabinoid profiling. Spectrometry is the focus of the second and most recently granted patent asset as well as the cannabis bud orientations within the unit.

Left: Figure 2 from U.S. Patent No. 10,458,908 showing the trichome imaging produced by GemmaCert products. Right: Figure 3 from U.S. Patent No. 11,249,013 showing the internal design of GemmaCert Products.   

Portable testing markets are believed to have increasing demands in the coming years as recreational cannabis users turn to cultivating and processing their own cannabis. Similar portable units for plant extraction have been growing in popularity, giving rise to this need for accurate testing on-demand.

GemmaCert faces competition from similar portable testing companies such as Orange Photonics, Green Ocean Sciences, and even the Purdue Research Foundation which has expressed interest. Explore the patent landscape of cannabis processing using the Cannabis Patent Forecast®. Start your trial today!