Modding the Metaverse On the Go

The vision of the Metaverse most commonly portrayed right now is that of a single prerendered environment, or one in which major structural alterations to the virtual landscape are rolled out by a central creator (such as Meta). However, given the active modding community that exists for video games today, it seems foolish to believe there won’t be a space for people to define their own virtual landscapes.

Verizon appears to be poised to tackle this issue. In an application published in early 2021, Verizon describes a system for stitching together virtual worlds by a user on the go, paving the way for a more dynamic, decentralized model of the Metaverse, and one that may be able to combine several existing metaverse worlds into one. Verizon has been active in the virtual reality space since early 2021, when it partnered with Dreamscape Learn to use 5G and edge computing to improve VR training for students and teachers. Interestingly, Verizon’s deals thus far have focused on implementing its 5G network to support existing VR and AR platforms. However, its patent activity suggests that it may be targeting its own Metaverse solution. Time for another relaunch of Verizon Media?

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