Automotive Manufacturers Continue to Race Towards Edge Computing Dominance

Toyota is no stranger to the edge computing sector as it has been the leader in automotive edge computing since 2019. Toyota’s dominance in the sector has pushed its automotive competitor Honda to ramp up its own patent activity through Honda’s partnership with Verizon. Since Verizon and Honda joined forces in April 2021, Verizon has filed two patent applications relating to edge computing in an automotive environment.

Toyota has not let off the gas, as it also has two recent patent applications in the edge computing sector. Kia and Ford, who have a small presence in the edge computing sector, have not advanced their position in the sector since last mentioned. At this rate Kia and Ford will most likely not catch up any time soon, as Toyota and Honda/Verizon continue to claim the sector’s white space.

AT&T and General Motors recently teamed up to include AT&T’s 5G network in General Motors’ new cars. With AT&T currently holding 44 patents and applications in this sector and General Motors vast automotive data and expertise, Patent Forecast® expects that this partnership will result in AT&T and General Motors taking a shot at overthrowing Toyota as the leader in automotive edge computing.

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