DribbleUp Is Setting Itself Apart with Patents

Basketball tracking and training start-up DribbleUp is expanding and strengthening its positioning with patents. The patent application published in late-January 2022 details the expansion and possible new use cases of the technology. This patent is DribbleUp’s first patent application in the Sports Analytics Patent Forecast® since its most recent patent was granted in early 2016. 

This new filing could be exciting news for DribbleUp and open the company up to a world of possible use cases for the technology. So far, the company has released boxing gloves, a strength ball, and a soccer ball to complement its smart basketball offering the company started with. However, according to the recently published patent filing, the company has further applications for its technology including baseball bats, shoes, and other objects to be tracked by and camera on a portable device and analyzed.

To parallel the potential for exciting new technology, it is equally, if not more, exciting to see DribbleUp beginning to return to filing patents to protect its technology. Doing so could really help to propel it to become a leader in the basketball video tracking space and really set them apart from competitors, especially if it continues to work to implement new coaching features.

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