Cannabinoids for Cancer

Patent filings for treating cancer with cannabinoids has been on a steady increase over the past few years. Already in January 2022, two patents have been published for treating cancer with cannabinoids. Patent Forecast® highlighted GW Pharmaceuticals’ jump into cannabis treatments for cancer, especially after its acquisition by Jazz Pharmaceuticals. GW Pharmaceuticals has become the top assignee in the cannabis for cancer space. Now others are following suit and racing to file. 

Dana-Farber Cancer, a comprehensive cancer treatment and research institution in Massachusetts, had a patent publish in January 2022 for immunotherapy compositions containing cannabinoids. We will be following DFC’s involvement in the cannabis space, so stay tuned!

Studies surrounding how effective cannabis is as a cancer treatment are still in progress and developing. Some studies have suggested that certain cannabinoids like THCV could be useful in reducing cancer cell division. Others have focused on treating cachexia and nausea induced from chemotherapy, keying in on cannabis’ stimulation properties. There are currently 4 active US clinical trials to study cannabinoid affects on cancer and treating symptoms of cancer and cancer treatment with cannabinoids. 

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