Taking Sleep to the Next Level

Scott Fried, the founder of Doctor in the House, was issued a patent for sensory control headgear and method of use. The patent discloses a sensory control headgear for promoting relaxation, improving sleep, snoring reduction or prevention, anxiety control, stress relief, personal growth and motivation, study and learning preparedness, assisting with childbirth, pain control or reduction. The patent appears similar to a product offered by Doctor in the House, the Mediation Mask, so Fried has secured a position in the consumer sleep sector by patenting the Mediation Mask. 

However, sleep headbands are not new in the Consumer Sleep Patent Forecast®. Companies including Interaxon, Philips, URGOTECH, Dreem, and Arenar have patent assets directed towards a sleep headband. What these companies currently lack is a product that combines a visual display with the headband. The Mediation Mask is designed to provide audio and visual content to help a user with sleep and mediation states. Although the major players in the consumer sleep space may not be a competitor for Fried, it will be important to watch VR companies such as Meta, who already offer a mediation quest for the OCULUS®. 

For the time being, Fried appears to be a step ahead of the competition. Check out the Consumer Sleep Patent Forecast® to see what other companies have similar sleep wearables.