StimScience Granted a Patent for Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injuries

StimScience is a startup company founded in 2017. It was recently highlighted in the Consumer Sleep Patent Forecast® for its announcement in April 2021 that it raised $6M in seed financing and is developing a consumer brain stimulation device to improve sleep. This is in line with many of its patent assets in the AI Biotech Patent Forecast®, in which 7 of its 10 patent assets in the sector are related to brain stimulation and sleep. However, in August 2021, the company was granted a patent related to systems, methods, and devices for providing mediation of traumatic brain injury. Although there is no sign or announcement of the development of a subsequent device, the new patent indicates that StimScience may be looking to expand. Additionally, traumatic brain injuries is one of the smallest subcategories of Neurology in the  AI Biotech Patent Forecast®, so it was a smart move for StimScience to patent their technology in relation to that area. Other small categories with significant white space in which brain stimulation could be useful includes substance abuse and speech. Similar to sleep and traumatic brain injuries, stimulation of specific areas of the brain could relieve underlying issues causing substance abuse or speech problems. The granted patent also sets StimScience apart from Neurostim, which appears to be its closest competitor in the sector with 11 patent assets, many of which are related to treatment of sleep apnea using neurostimulation.

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