Mustard’s Got the Money, Now it Needs Patents

Mustard, an AI-powered baseball coaching app, announced in January 2022 that it successfully raised $3.75 million in seed funding led by some of the biggest names in sports tech including Lake Nona Sports & Health Tech fund, Mark Cuban, and PGA star Justin Rose summing up to a total of $6 million raised. The influx of capital is purposed to aid Mustard in an expansion into sports outside of baseball such as football, soccer, and golf. The app takes video of a player performing a motion, such as pitching in baseball, and provides feedback and training plans to help the player improve their mechanics. 

While new working capital is definitely a positive for Mustard, it is time for the company to realize something important it is missing from its secret sauce: patents. So far, the company holds no patent or patent applications in the Sports Analytics Patent Forecast® and is competing in a sector with some big names and moderate levels of patent activity. To save itself trouble down the road, it is important that the company start investing in patents to help secure itself as a leader in the space by more than proprietary algorithms and goodwill. 

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