TIPA Receives Funding, Establishes Itself in the Market

TIPA has started the new year off with a $70 million in series C round funding and plans to use these funds to expand operations in Europe, North America, and Australia. 

This comes as zero surprise as Patent Forecast has highlighted TIPA and its success six times over the past year. TIPA’s partnerships with Amcor, Riverford, and PerfoTec are great examples of the viability of TIPA’s technology. All seventeen (17) of TIPA patent assets are directed towards biodegradable sheets for packaging. With 7 issued patents, TIPA has a strong position in the patent space and should be a leader in the Biodegradable Packaging Patent Forecast® for years to come. 

With its recently raised funds, TIPA may want to consider filing more patent applications. TIPA should maintain a continuation practice or create new filings. Keeping an ongoing continuation practice could provide TIPA the flexibility to draft claims targeted towards competitors if needed in the future. Additionally, new filings could provide another twenty years for new technology, so Patent Forecast fully expects to see TIPA‘s number of patent assets increase as its funding is used for further research and development. 

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