Kokoon’s time to shine?

During CES 2022, Kokoon Nightbuds received runner-up for the Omdia Technology Innovation Award for fitness, health, and well-being. The Nightbuds appear to overcome many problems with other sleep earbuds currently on the market. The Nightbuds don’t use active noise cancellation, but use “intelligent noise masking”. Additionally, the Nightbuds are usable for phone calls and work with Spotify, Apple Music, and other online music platforms. The Nightbuds track sleep via infrared sensors and accelerometers and fade out audio once the Nightbuds detect that a user is dozing off or sleeping. 

The Kokoon Nightbuds have the potential to be a market leader, however, Kokoon is severely behind on patent activity, which could pose a threat to its product. Kokoon does have one issued patent, but it does not cover sleep applications. In comparison, Bose has over 40 patent assets in the consumer sleep sector, its own night earbuds, and is investing in sleep technology as demonstrated by the Bose Sleepbuds study on military personnel at the University of Colorado. What may be a bigger concern to Kokoon is Bose’s Patent Publication No. 20200038623 that includes a claim playing relaxing sounds based on a wearer’s sleep-readiness state and playing noise-masking sounds once a wearer is asleep. The application is still pending so Bose does not have any right to exclude, yet. Kokoon should stay aware of Bose’s applications as well as file its own patent application covering the Nightbuds. 

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