Could FCF, DAZN, and Stats Perform all team up?

Fan Controlled Football (FCF), a start-up leading the way towards a new vision of the sport, raised $40 million in Series A funding, ending the round in January 2022. The goal of the company is to provide a league where fans control the game by calling plays, subbing players, and other calls typically left to a coach. While this might be the future anyone who has ever played Madden might have dreamt of, it’s likely this type of play isn’t anywhere close to NFL fields, instead of reserving itself to its own specialized leagues and teams of past NFL and collegiate players. However, the names backing many of the teams aren’t lacking in luster spouting names like Dalvin Cook, Quave, and Tiki Barber as owners.

Along with the investment and big-name team owners, FCF also signed a partnership with DAZN in December 2021 to broadcast games globally on the platform. While all of these recent developments look to be setting FCF up for success, it doesn’t have any patents in the Sports Analytics Patent Forecast®. That being said, it is worth noting that DAZN’s sister company, Stats Perform, sure does. Could we be about to see a partnership between the two companies as FCF looks to establish itself as a contender in the sports broadcasting field? If so, it is going to need some broadcasting tech, we all know Stats Perform is one of the best places to go for that.

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