Cerenetex and Viz.ai Share a Goal, But Who Has The Patents?

Cerenetex is a startup company founded in 2018. Since strokes are a leading cause of disability and death, and affect over 15 million people worldwide, the company’s mission is to use artificial intelligence to diagnose large vessel occlusion (LVO) ischemic strokes with greater efficiency. So far, the company has 3 patent assets in the AI Biotech Patent Forecast®. Most notably, the company was granted a patent in August 2021 relating to systems and methods for the identification of medical conditions and determination of appropriate therapies, by passively detecting acoustic signals from cerebral vasculature. This patent relates to the company’s primary product, the Cereview. This product includes a headset that picks up acoustic signals generated by cerebral blood flow, transfers the data to a tablet, and uses data analytics and machine learning to rapidly assess for LVO. 

Similarly, Viz.ai is a startup company, founded in 2016, that is also interested in the diagnosis of LVO ischemic strokes. The company has a head start on Cerenetex with 9 patent assets in the sector. Similarly to Cerenetex, Viz.ai is using AI to speed up diagnosis, however Viz.ai uses its software to cross-reference CT images of a patient’s brain with its database of scans to find early signs of LVO strokes. The company made the list of Forbes next billion-dollar startups in 2021, and is expanding its technology to diagnose pulmonary embolisms and aortic dissections through its partnership with Avicenna.AI.

As Cerenetex continues to grow its patent portfolio, it must continue to differentiate itself from Viz.ai, and will likely consider expanding to areas that Viz.ai has not. Additionally, as Cerenetex is granted more patents it could become a more threatening competitor, therefore Viz.ai may look to partner or acquire the company. Although the technology used is very different, both companies share a common goal and could learn a lot from collaboration. 

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