Adidas and Tectus Partner with Huge Aspirations

Tectus Corp, dba Mojo Vision, is a tried and true leader when it comes to the development of the world’s first AR contact lens. That’s right, contact lenses that support similar projections to that of Google Glass, without the unstylish look. While the company shows a history of protecting its innovations with patents, having a portfolio of over 50 granted patents, it just recently entered the Sports Analytics Patent Forecast® with an application and subsequent patent detailing an application in sports spectating. 

Atop this recent activity, Mojo Vision also recently announced partnerships with multiple sports brands, including Adidas, to integrate its product into multiple sports training applications. With all of this hype around the upcoming technology, be on the lookout for some big things coming from this partnership, but should Mojo Vision be looking elsewhere for partnerships? In November 2020, Patent Forecast highlighted top companies in the sector to watch out for when AR/VR tech inevitably makes its way into sports. That being said, Mojo might want to look towards companies like SMT and Disney when looking for partners as they have been leaders in the video production of sports over the past 20 years. 

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