Will the Apple Watch 8 Include Blood Pressure Monitoring? The Patent Data Say Yes

Patent Forecast recently highlighted Fitbit for a patent granted in early December 2021. The patent related to an intelligent inflatable cuff used for arm-based blood pressure measurements. We predicted that Fitbit would soon integrate this patented technology into its smartwatches. It was further noted that if Fitbit did integrate the technology, the ability to monitor blood pressure would give it a leg up on smartwatch competitors such as Apple

However, Apple may have turned the tables with an application published just after Fitbit’s for a wearable device that can be used for hypertension monitoring. Fitbit is protected since it has the earlier filing date, but Apple’s patent teaches the technology integrated directly into the smartwatch, which it appears Fitbit has not done yet. 

Moreover, this patent application supports the various rumors that the Apple Watch 8 will include blood pressure monitoring. Unlike Fitbit’s smart cuff and other more traditional blood pressure monitors that strap around the upper arm, the Apple Watch hypertension monitoring will not provide a baseline systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurement. Instead, it will provide insight into how blood pressure is trending so that people can be aware of when to rest and/or take medication. It is also rumored that the Apple Watch 8 will include a thermometer to help with fertility planning, but a supporting patent application has not shown up in the sector yet. 

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